Testing & Certification

For CJIS System Officers (CSO), Terminal Agency Coordinators (TAC) and all those responsible for complying with strict NCIC Operator Certification requirements, PsPortals has the perfect solution in the form of a user-friendly, integrated, and browser-based testing and management application.

PsPortals’ Testing & Certification (T&C) application reduces administrative effort by enabling electronic verification of operator proficiency. The system can stand alone or integrate with the CSA message switch, prompting users to perform re-certification as their certification expiration date approaches.

Certification exams are administered online through any authorized browser client. Multiple-choice exam questions are automatically selected by the T&C to correspond with the requirements established for each user’s certification level. Navigational aids allow even lengthy exams to be administered in a user-friendly and effective manner. Users can save their current exam and resume it at a later time.

All user certification information may be administered centrally through the T&C browser-based administrator or via an optional Remote Administrator that distributes administration functions to agency administrators.